3pc Silk Sleeping Mask Set
3pc Silk Sleeping Mask Set

3pc Silk Sleeping Mask Set

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3pc Blush Pink 100% Silk Set


1. Silk Headband: this multipurpose headband can be used to keep hair out of your face while you’re applying make-up or cleansing your face!

ADDITIONALLY, our headband can be used as a cute fashion accessory when you’re on your way out to run some errands or having a quick lunch date with the girls!

2. Silk Sleeping Mask: You don’t know how much you need a sleeping mask until you actually use one! We absolutely LOVE our lightweight sleeping mask that features a beautiful custom design

3. Silk gift pouch: The perfect last touch of this beautiful and unique sleeping mask set that makes for the cutest birthday/anniversary gifts, bridesmaids boxes, party favours, or any other occasion you can think of! 

This item here can definitely be categorized as a... #BOXMAIDSSFAVE😍